How to Catch a Cheating Husband Without Getting Caught?

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Studies show that 20% of American men have had extramarital affairs at some point in their lives. You may ask, ‘Is my husband cheating too?’ Probably not. But you won’t know for sure if you don’t find out. If you’re reading this article, you may already have your suspicions. Hence, let’s find out ways to catch a cheating husband.

How to Know If Your Husband Is Cheating?

‘How can I catch my cheating husband?’ – you may be asking. Suspicions aren’t fact. While you may not completely trust your husband, there’s still a chance he’s innocent. This is why it’s important to be absolutely convinced about his unfaithfulness before a confrontation ensues. If you wish to catch a cheating partner, below are the red flags you should consider.

Sudden Change in His Physical Appearance

Your husband is allowed to look good or change his style during the course of his adult life. Unfortunately, there may just be a woman he’s trying to impress. Is he suddenly using cologne? Has he become a gym rat? Does his new clothing style make him look younger? All these are signs that your spouse is seeing another woman.

He Becomes Emotionally Distant

There aren’t many men in the world who can be emotionally invested in more than one partner. If the conversation is getting shorter with you, it’s most likely getting longer with someone else. Also, most cheaters feel so much guilt that they try to shield themselves by growing less attached to their spouses. If he’s always finding an excuse to spend less time with you, another woman might just be taking his attention.

He Has Guilty Fingerprints Over His Bank Statement

One of the easiest ways to catch your spouse cheating is to monitor his bank statements. Unfortunately for him, cheating is not cheap. If he has been seeing someone else, there will be hotel and restaurant bills, gifts and flowers spending. Check out for any unusual transactions on his account. Did he pay for a piece of jewelry, or is there a strange hotel bill you know nothing of? These are signs that you’re dealing with a cheating spouse.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband on His Cell Phone?

If you’re wondering how to catch a cheating husband, one of the first things to know is signs of a cheating husband cell phone. Does he hide his phone from you? Has he changed his phone’s passcode? If the answers are yes, maybe it’s time to find out what exactly he’s hiding. Luckily, there aren’t any special devices to catch a cheating husband. Whether he’s using an iPhone or Android, there are tricks and hacks that work for both devices. Below are a few ways to catch a cheating husband with an iPhone or Android device.

Use Google Chrome Hack

google chrome

While your husband’s phone may hold the answers you’re searching for, gaining access into his email or social media accounts can be difficult, especially since he’s cautious. This is where Google Chrome hack comes in. Google Chrome saves the owner’s login details from different websites. If your husband uses a Chrome browser on his phone, you should be able to find the username and passwords to his email or social media accounts. This is a great way to catch a husband cheating online.

Use Keylogger


A Keylogger is a software that records keystrokes on the target device. Whenever the victim types in any kind of information on their phone, the Keylogger records it and saves it to the user’s device. With a Keylogger installed on your husband’s phone, you can find out his phone passcode, email logins, messages, and even the websites he visits. One of the best things about a keylogger is that you can spy on your spouse’s phone without needing to hold it. The keylogger does all the work for you.

How to Spy on Your Husband Using Spy Apps?


Spy apps have been around for a while, although many people still don’t know how they work. If you’re looking for an effective way to catch your husband cheating, you’ll find the features of a spy app quite useful. Like a keylogger, you’ll need to install the spy software on your husband’s phone. Luckily, the app works in the background, so your husband won’t suspect a thing. Once it’s installed, you can see all the information you need from the app’s control panel on your own device.

Most spy software offers the following features:

  • Social Media Monitoring: Want to know if he’s talking to other women on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Spy apps give you access to his social media accounts. You can view his inbox and see who he’s talking to.
  • Media Files Tracking: If he’s cheating, he may have had a few sex chats with the other woman. If that’s the case, they may have shared nudes. Spy apps can give you access to your husband’s media files, including deleted photos.
  • Email Monitoring: With a spy app installed on your husband’s phone, you can see his email conversations and learn what he’s been up to.
  • Location Tracking: If he’s cheating, he’ll definitely make out time to see the other lady. He’ll probably lie about his current location and what he’s doing. Luckily, a spy app can track a phone’s GPS and pinpoint the exact location of its user. It will also record the person’s whereabouts for the entire day, so you can always tell where he’s been all day.

Final Words

While you’re trying to find a cheating spouse, consider that most of the things you’ll do will be considered as a breach of trust. If it turns out he hasn’t been cheating, and he finds out you’ve been monitoring him, there could be an irreparable dent on your relationship. So, it’s best to tread with caution.

Spy apps can’t be detected; this makes them your best chance of monitoring your husband without his knowledge. When you catch him, you may not know how to deal with a cheating husband. Do you confront him? You definitely should. Let him know he has been found out. The decision to leave or stay lies with you. If you believe what you have is worth fighting for, you may decide to work things out.