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The trial version of the application can be downloaded for free and used for up to 10 days.





Complete Pocket DAF Solution 


We understand the complexities of choosing the right PDA and headset to use with our Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant software. 


So to make life a bit easier we are offering now a Pocket DAF Bundle that includes best of its class iPAQ rx4240 Pocket PC computer, compatible with our software headset and Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant Software in one convenient package.


With this complete set you will be able to start using DAF/FAF solution without any delays. 


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List of features:


bulletiPaq rx4240 PDA. This is perhaps the smallest and most convenient PDA on the market. To make the price more affordable our Pocket DAF bundles come with SLIGHTLY USED OR OPEN BOX PDAs. All these PDAs are compatible with our software and have been tested and verified to be in proper working order . The cosmetic condition of these PDAs is "LIKE NEW". The PDA may or may not come with original package. All PDAs comes with charger, stylus, and USB cord. All PDAs have 14 days money back guarantee (see below on return policy).




bulletNew Plantronics wired Mobile Mono Headset MX100 (or similar). This headset have been tested with our software. Headset comes with iPAQ PDA adapter.


bulletPocket DAF/FAF Assistant Software. You can order either Single User License or Professional License. For more information about software please refer to documentation page.


bulletThe Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant software will be installed on your PDA. If for some reason you need to reinstall the software you can use included Micro SD card. Simply insert Micro SD card into your PDA, use your PDA screen to browse to Storage Card files and double click on daf.cab file located on the SD card. This will install the software on your PDA and create all necessary icons.

bulletReturn Policy. Defective units can be returned within 14 days for full refund (minus shipping cost). Non defective units can be returned within 14 days minus 20% restocking fee and minus shipping cost.
bulletIf you have any questions please contact us at sales@artefactsoft.com 




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