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DAF Assistant for iPhone and iPod Touch 

version 1.3


DAF Assistant implements Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback techniques on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The software can be used by people with stuttering to control speech fluency, slow down speech rate, increase confidence level and develop good speaking habits.



Download DAF Assistant 

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List of features:


bulletDelayed auditory feedback (DAF) delays your voice to your ears a fraction of a second. The application provides delay range from 20 to 320 milliseconds. The delay increment step is 10 milliseconds. A short delay ( 50-120 milliseconds) almost instantly reduces stuttering without changing the speech speaking rate. A longer delay (120-320 milliseconds) makes you stretch your vowels and talk slower. This can help with even severe stuttering, but requires training, mental effort, and may sound abnormal.


bullet Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) shifts the pitch of your voice. The application provides pitch shift in the range from one-half octave down to one-half octave up. The FAF enhances the effectiveness of the application when is used simultaneously with DAF.


bulletApplication saves configured settings when it is closed and restores them when it is restarted.


bulletWe recommend to use Apple headphones with Remote and Mic ($29.00) which is available in Apple Store.
bulletApplication supports Bluetooth headsets on iPhone.


bulletEasy to install, easy to use.






bulletThe software application requires Apple iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd generation).


bulletApplication requires external headset with headphones and microphone or Bluetooth headset (iPhone only).





bulletDAF Assistant for iPhone and iPod Touch costs $12.99.



User Reviews:


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