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bulletDAF/FAF Assistant Single User License

You can use the copy of the DAF/FAF Assistant for your personal needs only. You cannot use this copy for professional purposes such as in the speech therapy offices, clinics and hospitals. You cannot share or lend this software or registration keys to your patients and clients. 


Purchase the DAF/FAF Assistant Single User License for $29.95 $19.95 


bulletDAF/FAF Assistant Professional License

You can use the copy of the DAF/FAF Assistant in your professional activity. You can use this copy on any single computer in a speech therapy office, clinic or hospital or any other place related to the speech therapist professional activity. You can allow your clients and patients to use the Software as long as they use it on your computer. You cannot make copies for your clients or patients. You cannot share your registration key with your clients or patients. If required your clients and patients have to purchase the DAF/FAF Assistant Single User License.


Purchase the DAF/FAF Assistant Professional License for $39.95   

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We accept purchase orders from the U.S. and Canada. Mail or fax your P.O. and completed Product Ordering Form to the following address:



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Fax: (703) 439-2556




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