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The trial version of the application can be downloaded for free and used for up to 7 days.


We strongly suggest to download the trial version and test its compatibility with your computer before purchasing the registration key. 





DAF/FAF Assistant for Windows 

version 1.1


The software application implements Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency-shifting Auditory Feedback techniques. The application can be used by people having stuttering problem to control their speech fluency, increase their confidence level and develop carryover fluency when techniques are used on a regular basis.






List of features:


bulletDelayed auditory feedback (DAF) delays your voice to your ears a fraction of a second. The application provides delay range from 40 to 220 milliseconds. The delay increment step is 10 milliseconds. A short delay (50-80 milliseconds) almost instantly reduces stuttering without changing the speech speaking rate. A longer delay (90-220 milliseconds) makes you stretch your vowels and talk slower. This can help with even severe stuttering, but requires training, mental effort, and may sound abnormal. Actual DAF delay can vary due to hardware differences.


bullet Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) shifts the pitch of your voice. The application provides the pitch shift in the range from one-half octave down to one-half octave up. The FAF enhances the effectiveness of the application when is used simultaneously with DAF.


bulletAdditional frequency shifting algorithm (Fast FAF option). The standard FAF algorithm provides best sound quality but it requires a powerful processor. The Fast FAF option when enabled turns on the simplified frequency shifting algorithm that can work better on less powerful computers.


bulletThe application saves the configured settings when it is closed and restores them when it is restarted.


bulletThe Auto Start feature when enabled will start the sound playback immediately after the program starts. You can assign a Windows shortcut key to the DAF/FAF Assistant application and start the DAF/FAF by pressing a single shortcut key.


bulletThe application can run in the background or in minimized state allowing you to work in another programs while you are using DAF/FAF.


bulletEasy to install, easy to use. The application provides installation program that creates all necessary icons and shortcuts on the computer desktop. The graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to use.


bulletThe trial version of the application can be downloaded for free and used for up to 7 days.







bulletThe software application requires Windows 95 (R), Windows 98 (R), Windows 2000 (R), Windows ME (R), Windows XP (R). The application does not work on Windows NT (R).


bulletThe software requires headphones and a microphone. It is recommended to use headphones that are combined with a microphone.





bulletFor detailed information about DAF/FAF Assistant installation and configuration please refer to documentation.



Registered version of DAF/FAF Assistant Single User costs $19.95, DAF/FAF Assistant Professional costs $39.95. 



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